Episode 111: Money Scripts (Part 1)

July 21, 2022

This week, we are furthering our conversation on money-related behaviors by talking about Money Scripts. These beliefs are the basis for much of the ineffective or self-destructive financial behavior that are part of a person’s resistance to change. And speaking of scripts, we are going off-script in this episode as Katie asks some tough questions to Cort and Cam about their unbiased opinions on wealth – whether it be the excess or lack of it. We’ll start the show with our list of the top summer blockbuster movies because, ya know, scripts… Then, we’ll explore the idea of awareness in your financial life, how trauma can change your perception of money, and how these “scripts” can easily become habits that rule your life.

The List: Top Summer Blockbusters

Hashtags of the week: #Money #MoneyScripts #Psychology #ValuesAndBeliefs #MoneyShouldntDefineYou #CameronsShame

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