Episode 113: Money Scripts (Part 2)

August 4, 2022

This week, we are talking further about money scripts, a conversation we started in episode 111. As a refresher, money scripts are essentially your unconscious beliefs about money, which are often rooted in childhood, that affect your behaviors. Join us as we break down these four fascinating scripts: Money Avoidance, Money Worship, Money Status, and Money Vigilance. While none of these scripts are fully bad or fully good, they each entail aspects that will most definitely impact your financial future. Don’t miss our show as we discuss our first memories of money, how to determine your own money script, and understanding the psychology of money and wealth.

The List: Best Monologues in Pop Culture

Hashtags of the week: #MoneyScripts #Beliefs #MoneyAvoidance #MoneyStatus #MoneyWorship #MoneyVigilance #InnerMonologues

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