Episode 115: The Brighter Side of Taxes

August 18, 2022

Ah, taxes … a word that often causes panic and is the bane of many people’s existence. However, through all the angst associated with taxes, there is a brighter side. We’ll start the show with our list of the best accountants portrayed in pop culture. Following the list, we’ll break down taxes – a fiscal policy tool – and how the government can use taxation to control our behavior. One of these methods that influences our spending patterns is referred to as a “tax holiday” where shoppers receive a temporary tax break. How does a tax holiday work? Are these holidays effective? How much can a person save during these periods? Join us as we answer these questions plus much more!

The List: Best Accountants in Pop Culture

Hashtags of the week: #Taxes #TaxFreeWeekend #TaxHolidays #SinTaxNotSyntax #FiscalPolicy #CPAsTookDownAlCapone #DontLaunderMoney

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