Episode 121: BullCast Does Broadway: The Revival (with Caky Winsett)

September 29, 2022

This week, we are jumping back into the limelight by talking more about Broadway. There’s no such thing as too much Broadway, right? Joining us is repeat-guest Caky Winsett, whom you may remember from episode 102. A now-New Yorker chasing her Broadway dreams, Caky will help us break down the lesser-known facts about how these mammoth shows get produced in the Big Apple. We’ll start the episode with our list of the most expensive musicals ever produced. Then, we’ll chat with Caky about “stunt casting” on Broadway, the economics of musicals, how smaller shows are made, and everything in between. Don’t miss our revival on Broadway, y'all!

The List: The Most Expensive Musicals Ever Produced

Hashtags of the week: #Broadway #HowMusicalsGetMade #CakyWinsett #BullCastGuestSegment #EconomicsOfBroadway #StuntCasting #KatieIsTooSophisticatedForSpongebob

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