Episode 124: How to Survive a Bear (Market) Attack

October 20, 2022

On this week’s bear-centric episode, we're talking about the elephant grizzly in the room: The Bear Market. This year has been tough for all of us with the market roller coaster, inflation, foreign wars, government policy changes, and navigating a post-pandemic world. It’s quite natural to grow uneasy when a market downturn begins to look like it’s here to stay. That’s why, on this episode, we will be discussing our new Field Guide with tips for surviving a market downturn. We’ll start the show with our list of the best bear and bull mascots in sports. Then, we’ll talk about the three steps toward surviving a bear market. We’ll also chat about how the bear and bull markets got their names, why staying calm is key, and how we can be confident that a bull is right around the corner!

The List: Best Bull and Bear Team Mascots

Hashtags of the week: #BearMarket #BearVsBull #FieldGuide #PlayDead #KeepCalmAndCarryOn #TheOnlyBearCortLikesIsAPolarBear

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