Episode 126: BullCast Birthday Banter

November 3, 2022

Today is National Cort and Katie Day, and to celebrate our birthday twins, we are focusing on the magic of November 3rd! We’ll start the show with a few lists including celebrity birthdays that are shared with Katie and Cort, famous events that happened on this day, and some very odd holidays. Then, Katie will jump on her soap box about the importance of financial planning. After all, we are a podcast about personal finance. Then, we will turn over the mic to our legal eagle, Cort, to discuss estate planning a charitable giving. It’s a great day to be a November 3rd baby, and we can’t wait for you to tune into this celebratory show!

The List: All Things November 3rd

Hashtags of the week: #BullCastBirthdayBabes #KatieAndCortDay #FinancialPlanning #CharitableGiving #NoShaveNovember

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