Episode 127: Generation Wars

November 10, 2022

Since the dawn of time, generations have been at odds with each other. Whether it be the Baby Boomers patronizing Millennials or Gen-Xers sitting back enjoying the show, these sects (which sometimes seem like cliques) of generations appear to always be at “war.” Join Katie, Cort, Cam, and Nicole as they break down the fascinating generational differences, and discuss the stereotypes that can often make it so easy to razz both our elders and youngsters. From the Silent Generation all the way to Gen Alpha, our hosts will have an open conversation about the strengths and perceived weaknesses of each group. At the end of the show, Katie, Cort, and Cam will participate in a quiz, hosted by resident Zillennial Nicole Ellis, to test their knowledge on Gen Z slang. Don’t miss this bussin’ episode!

The List: Top Pop Culture Events the Year We Were Born

Hashtags of the week: #GenerationWars #Boomers #GenX #Millennials #GenZ #GenerationMe #GenZSlang #MillennialsArentTheProblemItsGenZWeSwear

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