Episode 30: Take a Chance in the New Year

December 31, 2020

It’s New Year’s Eve and a fresh start is right around the corner. Not only are we wrapping up the insanity of 2020, but we are also wrapping up Season 1 of BullCast (thank you for tuning in for 30 episodes!) In this week’s mini-episode, we are discussing some of our most life-changing moments. Expectations are always high for the new year and rarely do things go as planned. Like us, the pivotal moments in your life probably happened on a random day when you were least expecting it. Life is uncomfortable at times, and it’s important to branch out, take a chance, and avoid regretting those missed opportunities. After all, life is short. Happy New Year, y’all!

Hashtags of the week: #NewYearsEve #Bye2020 #Hi2021 #ButterflyEffect #CortHatesMonthsThatStartWithM #TakeAChance #FerrisBuellersWordsOfWisdom #LifeIsMessy #NewAdventuresAwait #DaddyCortSaysBuckleUp #GetOutOfYourFeelings

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