Episode 40: Luck of the Irish

March 11, 2021

(CUE THE IRISH JIG!) With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, what better way to kick off the pub crawls and parades than with your friends at BullCast? We’ll kick off this week’s green-tinted episode with our Top 5 “Unlucky Movie Characters” list, then we’ll dive right into this psychology-driven show. How much has luck played a role in your life? Does luck even exist? Whether you have a lucky rabbit’s foot hanging in your rear-view mirror or you think it’s all just a bunch of hooey, the idea of serendipity has always been intoxicating. Join us as we break down differentiating luck from probability, how working smart (and hard) can pay off in a big way, and how we can be in charge of our own destinies. Cheers!

Top 5: Movie Characters Down on Their Luck

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